Rules of spiritual adoption

In the spiritual adoption of priests people can bind themselves to everyday prayer for any priest they choose. The time of spiritual adoptions depends on the individual decision of the person, who sends in an application. The period of adoption can last weeks, but it can also last an entire lifetime (even after the death of an adopted priest -you can still pray for him to go to heaven and to ask him for intercession).

Brief rules of adoption:

 Daily Obligation:

1. Any chosen prayer for the priest (daily intercession and ask for graces for each day)

 Recommended (according to individual capabilities):

1. at least once a month -participation in Mass for the intention of the selected priest or monk (the Eucharist is the most powerful of prayers; only having intention in the heart is needed)

2. at least once a month -saying the Rosary (from 4 parts only one is needed -joyful / light / painful / glorious; it can be divided into decades; its aim is to ask for intercession of Mary to help keep the purity of the priest)

3. at least once a month -saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet (expiation for the sins of the priest)

In the case of a breach of the stated obligations it is recommended to say the Rosary (as reparation). It is also recommended to participate in Mass on the first Thursday every month, but it isn’t obligatory. The most important thing is daily prayer.

You can express your willingness to join The Spiritual Adoption od Priests by completing the form HERE and submitting it as a comment

In the form it is needed to state:

  • your first and last name (surname);
  • First and last name of the priest you want to pray for;
  • Diocese from which the priest comes, and diocese in which is he currently working;
  • Chosen period of time for the adoption;
  • if you have any contact information for the priest: email address, postal address, also send it to me (it will make sending notifications easier).

The period of adoption should last for at least a few weeks, but it can also include a whole lifetime (greatly encouraged 🙂 ). If (for any reason) there’s no chance to continue the adoption, I ask you to behave responsibly -notify me, because then somebody may continue the spiritual adoption as soon as it is possible.

We have two kinds of adoptions:

1) Fixed time adoption (somebody is obligated to pray for a priest for particular period of time, for example: 6 months,  17 months, 7 years etc.)

2) permanent adoption (somebody is obliged to pray till the end of his/her life)

We suggest to pray for a priest, who doesn’t yet have a  „spiritual guardian” – I mean: a priest, who hasn’t been adopted yet. But, of course, it is also possible to adopt a priest, who was already chosen by another person.

 Look out:

In the case of a permanent adoption, twice a year: in March and in September, we will send an email to people involved in this kind of adoption to confirm willingness to continue participation in the campaign.

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