Main rules in a nutshell

This subpage was created with all of you in mind. Daily experiences showed a problem connected with collecting information about basic rules of the campaign. That is why this subpage arose. All basic rules of campaign are presented here in a general and concise way. After familiarazing with them, you may move to other subpages: „What is the aim?”„Rules of spiritual adoption”„Frequently asked questions”. They contain more information about the rules  of the Spiritual Adoption of Priests.

1. The campaing was established  July 2, 2010.
2. It is a Polish, secular, Catholic campaign.
3. Me [founder of this campaign] and my cooperators are private individuals. We devote our free time to lead this campaign. Because of that, we can’t do everything at once -we try to do everything as soon as possible.
4. The aim is prayer for priests: for those to whom we owe something, for those we don’t like, for those who abandoned the priesthood (but in fact they will remain a priest forever).
5. On this website we don’t assess priests: we don’t have rankings and we don’t judge.
6. In general the priest is informed about the spiritual adoption (but if you don’t want to inform the priest -then we won’t do it).
7. You stay anonymous -if an adopted priest inquires who you are, we tell him only if you wish to let him know.
8. The campaign is destined to every Catholic -regardless of gender, origins or age.
9. You don’t have to ask a priest for agreement for the spiritual adoption.
10. You may send your application by email or you may leave a comment on this website.
11. Only everyday prayer is obligatory. Which prayer? It’s all up to you.
12. You can pray for a priest for an unspecified period of time -you choose the period. Days, weeks, months, years -it’s your choice.
13. Priests adopted permanently (which means prayer for the rest of your life) will get an Adoptive Card. It is a kind of reminder of your obligation.
14. You can pray for any catholic priest: from any country, from any diocese, from any congregation. If you don’t have any idea, for who you can pray, click here (in Polish).
15. You decide when you start to pray. My role is to receive your application connected with prayer as  part of this campaign and to put the name of the priest in the Register of Adopted Priests.
16. All your personal data is safe. It are held in a separate server and isn’t available for third parties.
17. More questions? Contact me by email:

„I make an assumption that they [priests] are for us. They are to help us in getting to Him -especially by sacraments. But also by talks, by friendships, by showing God. Repeatedly they are very weak and it is easy to point out their mistakes. We mustn’t focus on their weaknesses. We have to help them with being stronger. It happens that often people require many things from priests -require without giving anything in exchange. We mustn’t leave them alone. We have to know that we can count on them, but they also have to know they can count on us.”


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