Frequently asked questions

1. Must an adoption be permanent?

No. There is a possibility of adoption with a fixed time. It is any chosen period of time -5 months, 2 years, 4 years, 12 days.

 2. Will be the priest notified about the adoption?

In general the priest is informed about the spiritual adoption (but if you don’t want to inform the priest -then we won’t do it).

3. What does the email notification look like?

It is possible to see sample email notification here  (polish  version- will be changed  soon)

4. Will the priest know, who is praying for him?

You stay anonymous – if an adopted priest inquires who you are, we tell him only if you wish to let him know. All your personal data is safe.

5. Why should I pray for only one priest?

Daily experiences and practice showed that it’s really hard to decide to pray for only one priest (it is possible to see, when you look at the number of people willing to undertake this obligation). So how would it be with more priests? To sum up: it better to adopt one priest and to pray for him regularly and systematically that to adopt more priests and to neglect the undertaken obligation.

6. Is it possible to adopt more than one priest?

Yes, it is possible, but I suggest this kind of adoption to people, who are obliged to pray evently (for example: a consecrated person, who has to say particular prayers each day, or people, whose charism is to serve the Shepherds of the Church). People, who are sure that they will manage to pray for more priests, also can choose this option. It is needed to remember that the person, who adopted more than one priest, has to say a daily prayer for every priest. Mass, Rosary and  Divine Mercy Chaplet apply to all the priests (it’s because God’s mercy is infinite, and it is known that the more intentions, the stronger prayer is).

7. When and on what terms can I give up the adoption?

You can give up the adoption any time -the adoption doesn’t work like perpetual vows. It is good to notify me about giving up the adoption (then somebody may continue the spiritual adoption as soon as it is possible). Only stop praying after you have received an email with confirmation from me.

8. In what way are priests informed about the adoption?

Priests are informed about the adoption by email. Every diocese has a list of priests, who work there. If it is impossible to get priest’s email address (or a priest doesn’t have such an address), we send an email to the parish (with information about the receiver in the title). We don’t send notifications by letter (apart from permanent adoptions) and we don’t call priests to inform them about adoption (so we don’t inform priests by phone calls).

9. Is it possible to adopt a deacon?

Of course, it is possible to adopt deacon, who is going to take holy orders. He will get  an Adoptive Card after taking holy orders.

10. Is it possible to adopt a cleric (seminarist) or monastic brother (friar)?

Unfortunately: no. This capaign is „The Spiritual Adoption of  Priests”, so it is possible to adopt a priest or a deacon after the first degree of holy orders (and who will surely take second degree of holy orders). A cleric isn’t after any holy orders -he may decide to leave the theological seminary -I see it in my theological studies. I encourage ] „private” prayer and „private” protection (it’s geat to pray for clerics for persistence and graces, which allows them to become priest).

11. What is an Adoptive Card?

An Adoptive Card is destined for priests adopted permanently. It is a kind of information and reminder of undertaken obligation. It is send to every priest  adopted permanently -we send it to the priest, and not the person who adopted him. It is send by mail. It is printed on a decorative paper (A5 format). If someone wants to give an Adoptive Card personally, it is possible to send it to that person, who adopted the priest.

12. When will an Adoptive Card be send?

We send them chronologically: from the earliest to the latest adoption. It is necessary to wait a few months -not only because of the amonut of work we have, but also because of other things. It  has happend that people gave up adoptions, so there is a period of 3-5 months (called a  „trial time”). After this time (if the adoption is continued), we send an Adoptive Card. If somebody really wants to pray for a priest, this „trial time” shouldn’t be difficult.
Look out: we send Adoptive Cards whole year, except July, August and September. It is caused by a fact that during those three months in every diocese bishop usually sends some priests to other parishes. We start sending Adoptive Cards in October – then, we can find updated information on a parish or a diocese website. It makes us sure that we send a Card to a current address.

13. Does a person who adopts a priest get any reminders?

No, unfortunately: no. An adoptive Card  is a kind of information and reminder of undertaken obligation. Also, sending twice as many reminders woud ruin me. One Adoptive Card costs more or less 5 zł. If I send 40 Cards, I pay 200 zł. I would also a reminder for a person who adopted a priest, everything would cost 400 zł (two times more). But personally, I can see an advantage of such a situation: nobody will undertake this obgligation because of the present (reminder).

14. What do the abbreviations: „P” and „KA” means?

P”-notification sent (email notification)

KA”-an Adoptive Card sent

15. What time does the community prayer take place and is it obligatory to participate in it?

The community prayer occurs at 3pm-15:00 (Divine Mercy Chaplet) and at 9pm-21:00 (Appeal of Jasna Gora). It isn’t obligatory to take part in it (and it isn’t obligatory to participate in it at defined hours). God makes everything possible and He surely supports this project.

16. Why do I have to wait several days / weeks to see the name of my adopted priest in the  Register of Adopted Priests?

I lead the project in my free time. I’m a private individual and apart from founding and leading the project, I study hard and work. I don’t have enough time to update the website everyday. I devote as much time as I can. It also happens that I too get tired and I’d love to have some time for myself. I hope that you will forgive me those signs of egoism 🙂

17. Is it possible to adopt a priest who abandoned the priesthood?

Of course! They will remain a priest forever. Neither man nor some paper can remove the sign which was made on the soul of a person, who took  holy orders.


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