Blessed Marie of Jesus Martiny

Posted: June 26, 2014 by Agnieszka Dankiewicz in ddak


Marie Deluil-Martiny was born on 28th May 1841 in Marseilles (France). She was the oldest child in family (she had 4 siblings – one brother and three sisters). Among her mother’s family members there were some very religious nuns – their devoutness and perseverance were impressive for their relatives. Marie’s father was a lawyer and in this profession he earned money to maintain his family.

When she was 11, Mary was educated in school conducted by sisters. At that time Marie and her friends decided to create a “religious community” called “the Oblates of Mary” – unfortunately: in spite of good intentions of students, group was liquidated. After graduating, she wanted to visit Ars to listen to Jean Marie Vianney’s homilies. Many pilgrims came to Ars to meet this priest – Marie also decided to go there. Eventually, during her visit she didn’t meet the priest. She asked God to have a chance to talk with father Vianney, but her prayer wasn’t answered.


When Marie came back home, it turned out that her younger sister died in age of 10. It was a huge shock for Marie (she wrote in her diary that she felt like a part of her soul was dying then). In 1879 she decided to found the Congregation of the Daughters of the Scared Heart of Jesus. From childhood she was very devoted to Scared Heart of Jesus, so naturally it became a Center of spiritual life in founded Congregation. Sisters tried to execute their charism not only by acts – the main aim was to unite spiritually with Jesus Heart. Marie understood Jesus’ calling to find “lost sheep”. It is worth to quote a fragment from her writings:

“One more heart, which loves Jesus, one more soul, which adores Him and devote oneself Him, one more mouth, which profess and worship Him; one more spirit to contemplate Him and to be filled with His presence. And after that – one more seraph to be feverish with His love. For all these things it’s worth to spill your blood for it. Others may say it is an act of folly – the first example is Jesus: this is the same folly, for which a Word came to world as a man, the same folly that humbled Him in Nazareth and covered Him with blood in Gethsemane. It was the same folly that made Him an offer on Calvary and after His death – hurt His heart to let His Holly Blood flow and to spread His Love.”

Marie was aware how important was having saint shepherds in Church. She knew that priests were of great importance in leading people to God – by sacraments and preaching the Gospel. Because of it, she felt big responsibility of them and decided to pray and suffer in their intention. She said: “Offering for souls is really valuable thing! But offering for priests’ souls… it is so beautiful and responsible challenge that thousand lives and hearts wouldn’t be enough… I would willingly sacrifice my life for priests – just to make them be up to Jesus’ expectations. I would offer my life in the intention of any priest – hoping that he would perfectly realize God’s plan in his priestly service.”
In history many saints or blessed had visions of Jesus, who encouraged them to pray for priests and renewal of clergy. Spiritual mothers, who decided to take special spiritual care of priests, had a task to create special “opus for priests”. Marie got the same mission. Her devotion to this idea was very impressive and until she died, she prayed for priests.

She died on 27th February 1884 – she was shot down by gardener. After death her body was moved from place to place and eventually – it was placed in Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Antwerp. On 22nd October 1989 she was beatified by pope John Paul II.



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